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New 2017 Embroidered Spirit Wear

The items pictured below will be available to order until midnight on October 22, 2017.  To order you can see TRICIA CAMPBELL at the Decatur Civic Center to confirm your size choice (samples are available) and to make payment.  She'll be available during most MITE 8U and PEE WEE practices.  Text her at 217-840-5197 to make other arrangements.  ALTERNATIVELY, you can order at the ONLINE STORE.


  1. Items will not be ordered if payment has not been made
  2. Samples for sizing are provided to us only in every other size (i.e. we have XS, M, XL, XXXL).  Also, these are available in ADULT SIZING only.
  3. After the order is turned in (on approximately 10/23/17) expect a two-week turnaround time for delivery

Screenprinted Spirit Wear

Click HERE to order.