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Q: When does hockey season start and end?

A: Our season runs from October through March.


Q: I’m interested, but I don’t want to travel all over the state. Is there a program for me?

A: ABSOLUTELY! Growth of our non-travel programs is one of the top priorities for Decatur Youth Hockey! Beginner and “house” (recreational) programs were in place last year for Beginners – Pee Wee. They included boys and girls aged 4 – 12 and were tremendously successful! Hopefully these programs will only grow in size. We want to offer programs for all ages at all skill and commitment levels. If your skater is more advanced and wants to play on a travel team, tryouts are typically held in September.


Q: I heard hockey is super expensive! How much does it cost?

A: DYHA does everything possible to make hockey available to all. Dues for our Beginner program were $150 in the 2014-2015 season.


Q: Everyone tells me that equipment is really expensive too. Is that true?

A: Hockey equipment can be expensive at advanced levels. However, at an entry level there are a lot of options. Used equipment is perfectly adequate and reasonably priced. Plus, DYHA hopes to continue a fantastic, low price equipment rental program. It is a FANTASTIC value.


Q: I have heard that practices are at horrible times of the day. Do I really have to wake up at 5:00am to take my kid to practice?

A: No way! We strive to make practice times, particularly for our younger age groups, at reasonable times. Last year our beginners practiced on 1 weeknight (starting around 5:30 PM) and 1 weekend morning every week.


Q: My kid has never skated before. How much experience is required?

A: Beginner programs are available for kids as young as age 4. Mite & Squirt non-travel teams are available for kids ages 7-12. ZERO experience is needed to join Decatur Youth Hockey. Our dedicated coaches (including volunteer players from the Decatur Blaze!) will have rookies skating great in no time!


Q: Do you have to live in Decatur to be a member of Decatur Youth Hockey?

A: Nope. We have members from Decatur plus most of the surrounding communities!


Q: I have more questions that aren’t on this FAQ list. Where can I go for answers?

A: Send an email to info@decaturhockey.com. We will try to get back to you promptly!



A: Pre-registration is not a commitment at all. It’s just a way for us to know that you might have a player that’s interested in playing hockey next year. We have set up a form on our website to collect your basic data. We will use pre-registrations for participant estimates and to keep you posted with important information and news pertaining to 2015-2016 actual registration that will begin in September. We promise this will not lead to spam or junk emails - Just pertinent DYHA info. Pre-registration is not required prior to actual registration in September.